2019 Tuition Information

Effective August 14, 2019 - AND - with all NEW enrollments

Registration Fees: $65.00 First Child / $60.00 Each Additional Child

All registration fees are annual and are due in August/September. This fee covers each child’s accident insurance. Parents are notified annually about the fees and the specific due date.

Tuition Rates

A 20% discount will be applied for multiple children, with the discount given to the lower tuition rate.

Infants: $170.00/week (20% discount: $136.00)

Toddler: $155.00/week (20% discount: $124.00)

K2 - K4 Classes: $150.00/week (20% discount: $120.00)

K5 Class: $160.00/week (20% discount: $128.00)

After School Age: $60 (20% discount: $48.00)

$120* full week during public school holidays (20% discount: $112.00)

Daily Drop In Rate: $30.00 (School Age Children Only)

Weekly tuition payments must be paid by Tuesday. If weekly payment is NOT received by NOON on Thursday, a $15.00 late fee will be added to your account.

Vacation Policy

You are eligible for a maximum of TWO vacation weeks per calendar year. (*exceptions listed below) A vacation week is defined as Monday - Friday only and cannot be broken up. Vacation forms must be given to the front office staff in writing at least ONE week in advance. No vacation weeks can be carried over from one calendar year to the next.


  • If your child enrolls AFTER June 30th, you will receive ONE week of vacation after your child has been enrolled for SIX weeks. The following January, you will be eligible for TWO weeks during that current calendar year.

  • If your child does NOT attend during the summer, you will only be eligible for ONE vacation week per calendar year.