K4 Classes


In our K4 classrooms, students are growing the skills that are needed to prepare them for a successful year in Kindergarten and beyond! Early childhood education is the building blocks to your child’s future success in learning, and through our 4K program your child will continue to strengthen their phonemic awareness, math skills, refine their motor skills, and grow socially.


We provide multiple K4 classes at SLC with a priority in keeping classroom sizes small. All of our classrooms provide a curriculum and maintain expectations that align with the developmental needs of our young students. Our K4 program is designed to familiarize students with

Thinking About the World in New Ways!

Four year olds are curious about the world around them, creative, and becoming more and more independent. This year your child will move into a more social developmental stage . You’ll notice your child likes to be around friends and develops more of a desire to please his/her peers. This is also an exciting time of growing independence, which often comes with wanting less help from parents! Let your child’s independence grow by allowing them to complete simple tasks for themselves and help out around the house. Cognitively, your child is getting smarter by the day! Conversations with your child are now more advanced as your child will begin using full sentences to tell simple stories. They are also developing phonemic awareness and reading readiness.


A Day in Our K4 Classroom

There is plenty to get excited about in our 4K classrooms as our students are learning and growing at such a fast pace! Your child’s classroom will be much more structured and center around a routine that will help your child understand expectations for their upcoming kindergarten year. A typical day for our four year olds consists of a combination of whole group instruction where they will learn to sit attentively and practice self-control, small group instruction where they receive more individualized and focused instruction from their teacher, and free play which promotes problem solving and conflict resolution.

Our 4K teachers at SLC develop their curriculum to cover early childhood standards . Your child will work in centers or complete activities that practice various math skills such as one-to-one correspondence when counting objects, recognizing and begin writing cardinal numbers, identifying and continuing simple patterns, and sequencing. They will also be studying various shapes and learning simple attributes of those shapes, such as the number of sides. In their continued studies of the alphabet, they will focus on learning to write uppercase and lowercases letters, and recognizing some letter sounds. Much of their learning will focus on rhyming activities and using those rhyming sounds to create new words. In our classrooms, your child will be exposed to a variety of genres of literature and will be read to often. All our 4K classrooms have a literacy center where your child will begin to explore books independently. During our read alouds, our students begin showing interest in text and relating to familiar situations and learn to respond to story events and/or characters. Additionally, they start recognizing environmental print around them. Learning continues in our centers and daily activities that focuses on the world all around them such as family, animals, body parts, emotions, etc.