Our K5 Class


At SLC, we provide a certified, quality, Christian program for your kindergartener.


Independence Skyrocketing!

Kindergarten is not only an exciting time in your child’s education, but also a vital part in laying the foundation that will help your child be successful later in life. During this year, you will see your child’s already developing independence continue to grow as they become more insistent on doing things for themselves. Like the previous year, social interactions will continue to play a big part in daily school life as your child will be interested in what their peers are doing, seek approval from others, and often imitate those around them. The kindergarten year is a period of tremendous cognitive growth and an exciting time as a parent to see what your child has learned!



At SLC, we provide one 5 year old kindergarten class. Our certified Kindergarten program prides itself on the individualized attention that we are able to give students due to our small class size. Our high quality program takes a multi-sensory approach to learning that helps to meet the needs of all learners. The curriculum follows the Orton Gillingham based phonics program and provides many opportunities for hands-on math. Additionally, we accept students that turn 5 years old after the public school deadline.


A Day in our K5 Classroom

Kindergarten is an exciting time in your child’s young life with much to learn and explore throughout the year. Here at SLC, our certified Kindergarten program covers the same standards that are taught in public schools; while also including a bible curriculum, mid-day rest period, and afternoon enrichment activities. A typical day for our kindergarten students includes whole group instruction, which often includes music and movement integrated into the lessons that provide a much needed opportunity to get those wiggles out and helps to promote focus. Students are also given small group instruction where they are provided with more individualized attention. Additionally, students work in various learning centers that are specifically planned to enrich and extend what they’ve learned in their direct instruction.

Our K5 teacher, Mrs. Dean, is a certified teacher with 15+ years of teaching experience. She has used her knowledge and experience, along with the kindergarten standards, to develop a rich and exciting curriculum for her students. Your child will typically begin his/her school day with calendar time, which connects math standards, science standards, and other learning opportunities. Their morning will also include a phonics curriculum, which is taught through small group instruction and self-selected interest areas that are aligned with the lessons. Your child’s day continues with math instruction and opportunities for hands-on practice and learning. Both literacy and math are taught through a combination of direct instruction and specifically planned learning stations where students are provided opportunities for independent growth. Our kindergarten program also provides an exciting science and social curriculum with daily instruction that includes stories, discussion, and thematic activities. Additionally, your child’s day includes enrichment areas such as devotional time that is connected with our bible curriculum, physical education, and the fine arts such as art and music.