K 3 Classes


In our student-centered K3 classrooms, students learn through creative play and hands-on activities. Our teachers work to implement a curriculum that expands upon the early learning skills introduced in the younger ages.


We provide multiple K3 classes at SLC with a priority in keeping classroom sizes small. All of our classrooms provide a curriculum and maintain expectations that align with the developmental needs of our young students. In our three year classrooms, children must be potty trained and able to independently use the restroom and clean up after themselves.


Learning Through Play!

The preschool years continue to be a fun and exciting time of learning and growing. Three year olds will begin to start moving from those gross motor skills they mastered in the younger ages, to developing their small muscles. Parents can expect to see much advancement in their cognitive development as preschoolers are little sponges! Additionally, you’ll notice that your three year old is beginning to become more interested in playing with others.

Our K3 teachers work with individual students to help them reach milestones such as developing more advanced conversation skills and understanding basic grammar, developing problem solving skills, and learning to cooperate and work with other children in creative and make-believe play.

A Day in Our K3 Classrooms

Our preschoolers are little sponges that love to soak up knowledge about everything around them! In our K3 classrooms, you’ll continue to see free play and centers as an important part of your little one’s daily schedule. Children learn best by doing and imitating real-life scenarios; therefore, this play is an important time to promote problem solving and conflict resolution.

During our daily circle time, your child will be introduced to parts of the calendar, where they will learn days of the week, months of the year, holidays, and so much more. Our students will also continue and enrich their studies of early learning skills such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, and recognizing their name.