K2 Classrooms

In our K2 classrooms, children learn to explore the world around them through play, all while building independence that will benefit them as they grow. Through carefully planned lessons and activities, children will build upon early learning concepts taught in the younger ages.


We provide three different types of K2 classrooms at SLC. We have our younger 2’s classroom for those just turning 2 years old and who are not potty trained, our potty training classrooms for those who are transitioning to becoming potty trained, and finally we have our potty trained classrooms. All of our K2 classrooms provide environments and curriculum that are suited to the developmental needs of the age group.


A Day in Our K2 Classrooms

Little ones in our K2 classrooms are growing and changing everyday! They have moved from a toddler setting into a preschool setting, and are learning the skills that will be the important building blocks to the future of their education.

At SLC, our K2 classrooms are setup with learning centers that promote independence and allow our students to explore through play. Through this exploration, they develop early literacy skills, are provided hands-on opportunities with math manipulatives, and learn to work and play in cooperative groups with their peers.

Our teachers use knowledge and skills obtained through their continuing education to implement skills-based lessons and activities that help meet the developmental needs and goals of our young students.


Learning By Leaps & Bounds!

Our K2 teachers work with individual children to help them meet milestones such as taking turns when playing games with friends, building vocabulary, and using various writing tools.