Infant Classrooms


In our infant classes, your little one will learn in a fun and nurturing environment that will enhance their growing. Your little one will be held, rocked, and sung to! Tummy time with toys for muscle growth and outside time for nature education development are provided in your little ones day to day activities.


Born to Learn!

We offer two infant classes at SLC. Our younger infant class cares for infants 6 weeks to around 6 months old. In that classroom, your little one will work to reach milestones such as rolling over, sitting, and reaching for toys. Our older infant class cares for infants 6 months to around 1 year old (approximate ages). Little ones in this classroom are learning, growing, and changing so quickly! Our teachers work with each child to help them reach milestones such as standing without support, picking up food, and turning the pages of a book.


A Day in Our Infant Rooms

Our teachers care for and focus on the individual needs for each baby and family. We work alongside with our parents to be sure to maintain a consistent feeding and sleeping schedule from home and while at SLC.

While in our infant rooms, your child will be provided the opportunity to freely explore with a variety of toys, which are changed out often to keep our little ones stimulated and interested. Our infants learn to use their senses to explore the world around them through sensory activities. Additionally, our little ones are provided opportunities for muscle development through targeted activities such as tummy time and climbing, crawling, and walking on our foam equipment.